About Us

1960 - Marion McCourt preparing for the day. It all started back in 1960. After working at various hotels throughout Miami Beach in its heyday, James McCourt Sr. and his wife Marion took their shot at the American dream and rented a 500 square foot space on the corner of 125th Street and NE 6th Ave in North Miami. A simple plan to provide great food and great service was all they needed. In the beginning, and for many years, The McCourts offered take out from behind a simple counter. They quickly put a rotisserie in the window turning fresh roasted golden brown chickens for all of the world to see and you could smell the BBQ smoke for blocks as the ribs were charring on the grill. The rotisserie was the first in the area, way before "rotisserie chicken" was part of the national vocabulary. While James was busy at the restaurant, Marion worked on raising their 5 boys @ home in El Portal and even managed to find time to bake fresh pies for the Family Business!

Once the boys were old enough, they would head to work with their father and learn the multitude of lessons provided by a family business...hard work, friendly service and great food were the cornerstones. Marion eventually became a regular fixture at the restaurant as well. Through the years, each of the McCourt brothers had their fair share of work while life moved forward with college and eventually families of their own.

1960 - The Original Restaurant on the corner of 125th ST & NE 6th Ave in North Miami.

In 1973 when James Sr. passed, a decision had to be made on the future of the family business. James Jr (Jim) along with his brothers Pat, Mike, and Charles, decided to keep their father's legacy alive. A dining room was added with help from high school friends George Turner and Charley Hayek, along with delivery service to the surrounding neighborhood. What was once a quick stop for lunch had now become one of North Miami's havens for great dinner as well! A second, larger location including a full bar and lounge was opened on Biscayne Blvd and 167th Street and quickly became a local hot spot.

The McCourt brothers, along with Jim's wife Susan, worked long, hard hours each day to uphold the tradition of great food and friendly service as the 1980's rolled along.

1977 - The Dining Room is opened next door!

As their brand and customer base grew, catering requests started pouring in. Several regular customers and fans wanted to include great food and service in their many private and corporate celebrations. Company Picnics, Weddings, Family Reunions and countless other events were including the McCourts’ delicious food in their plans.

By 1984, now almost 25 years in the making, it was clear that catering had become the focal point of this family business. A decision was made that catering would be the way of the future. The restaurants were closed...much to the dismay of local customers but also to the delight of this family that had definitely worked their share of 18 hour days!

1978 - The second location opens @ 167th ST & Biscayne Blvd.

Fast forward to the present day where Simply A Perfect Party has been and remains an industry staple in South Florida celebrating 50 years in 2010! Thousands upon thousands of satisfied guests have enjoyed their amazing blend of taste and service…up to 15,000 in one day!

We think the name says it all & are sure you will too…Simply A Perfect Party!